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Go beyond  CLM 

Beyond CLM

Rainmaker is the next step in digital communications. First we enabled you to close the loop. Now we empower you to activate it. Choose Rainmaker and go beyond CLM. If you are working on the Agnitio Manager, we are also here for you.

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Marie Raagaard Nielsen

Senior Partner Manager

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Powering your  creativity 

We understand that it’s the content that really matters. That’s why we created Rainmaker. Power your creativity with a properly designed system that enables you to do so much more.

Imagination set free
With Rainmaker you finally have full creative freedom. Built to access the true potential HTML5, with Rainmaker you are only limited by your imagination.

User-friendly design
Rainmaker is designed to make your life easier. It has a clear graphic interface that is a joy to use. So you can focus all your energy on your client’s challenges. 

Simple content updating

React immediately to client needs. With Rainmaker you can make content changes on-screen. No reprogramming needed – update, publish & distribute.

Efficient localization
Say goodbye to client frustrations. Rainmaker offers a complete system for content localization. You always stay in control no matter how global the project.

True multichannel
Drive content to any channel. Your content goes wherever it is needed. Rainmaker doesn’t favor a particular channel. It's true multichannel CLM.

Individualized media
Rainmaker enables personalized and responsive media at an individual level. Now each customer can have their own unique experience.  

Completely scalable
Your creativity can now go global. Rainmaker gives you the creative freedom of a standalone app with the control of a properly-structured system.

Open technology
Rainmaker doesn’t lock you into any particular sales software platform. It connects to any system your client uses. And improves its effectiveness.

Powering your creativity Powering your creativity

 Supporting  your work

Agnitio understands creative agencies. In fact, we used to be one. So we speak your language and understand your needs. And we’re always there to support your work.

Dedicated agency team
When you work with Rainmaker, you get access to our dedicated support team. Whether it’s specific technical issues or just blueskying what’s possible, we’re always there for you.

Continual updates
Rainmaker is the result of more than 10 years development. And we’re not about to stop there. With Rainmaker you get continual updates that make your creativity that much easier to implement or open up whole new possibilities.

Creative Toolbox
We understand that you want to spend more time solving your clients creative challenges and less time on the boring stuff. That’s why Rainmaker comes with a creative toolbox of code for standard functions. So no more endless re-coding of basic interactive tools. It’s already there for you – just plug in the functionality you need.

Supporting your work Supporting your work

Work with us and  go further 

The help you want with CLM and beyond. Agnitio has enabled large numbers of companies get started with closed loop marketing. If you’ve got a question, we can help – right from the screen in front of you.

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