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Create valuable customer experiences

 Digital  Marketing

The latest digital marketing technologies enable life science companies to engage all stakeholders with high-value communications. Achieve a true omni channel presence and deliver tailored content through mutiple digital touchpoints at the convenience of your audiences.

Engage every stakeholder

Rising  customer  expectations

In all industries, people have come to expect that digital marketing should provide a very high quality experience. Information and services should be delivered not only immediately but personalized too. The life sciences are no exception.


Healthcare professionals demand value from your communications – to be effective it must now meet their needs and solve their problems by providing a multichannel experience. Rainmaker - Agnitio's multichannel platform - addresses both the need of personalised experiences and flexibility in the delivery of information.

Always at your side

Always at your side

Our support team has an outstanding track-record and are always there to support you. The team holds 27 different nationalities and we can support you in English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and all other main languages.

Activation team

Activation team

Every client gets a dedicated activation team. When you choose Rainmaker, you get true CLM experts with a depth of experience in projects of any size. They will walk you through the start-up process and liaise with the agency of your choice.

Global coverage & support Global coverage & support
Understand digital marketing

Life sciences digital marketing

Build your understanding of digital marketing for the life sciences. Get the definition of the three most currently used terms in this area:


          HCP & patient engagement

                Closed loop marketing

               Multichannel marketing

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Agnitio has enabled many companies – both big and small – to get started with multichannel communications. If you need advice, please get in contact. We would be delighted to help.

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