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 Multi channel  marketing

Multi channel PC

Ideally, your multichannel marketing system should drive your content to any channel and on any device. That means that your materials can be experienced in different ways depending on your needs and the preferences of your customers. These channels could be e-detailing, microsites, mobile applications or a remote presentation.

With the rapid development of mobile communications, the way that we interact with content is changing and our demands are rising. Increasingly, we want to access information when and how it suits us best. Multichannel CLM – if the system is flexible enough – enables you to meet these challenges.

Multi channel marketing Multi channel marketing

Advanced multichannel  CLM 

The latest developments in multichannel CLM software allow for each of these different channels to be personalized for each healthcare professional. So rather than there being a single website for all customers, or even a library of information that healthcare professionals have to sort thought themselves, it is now possible to provide a multichannel experience on an individual level.
For example, depending on how a customer interacts with an e-detailing presentation, different kinds of microsites could be created. So if a customer has shown a strong interest in the safety profile of a particular treatment, a microsite can be automatically generated that discusses the topic in more depth. The healthcare professional can then explore this at a time and place that best meet his or her schedule. Or, depending on the customer’s preferences, a mobile app or remote presentation can be arranged.
In this way, the multichannel media can be linked together to ensure that not only is the information relevant to their personal interests but how this knowledge is delivered is also individualized.

Advanced multichannel CLM Advanced multichannel CLM


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New  CLM  channels

Empower your salesforce

Following the development of e-detailing, new channels have recently been added to CLM, making for a richer media experience for customers. Depending on the CLM system, these multichannel CLM communications might just be the ability to receive an email with more information on a particular topic or – as is possible with more advanced systems – a full range of video content, apps & websites, and even remote presentations.

New CLM channels New CLM channels

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Agnitio has enabled many companies – both big and small – to get started with multichannel communications. If you need advice, please get in contact. We would be delighted to help.

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