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Patient engagement webinar - experience Sharedoc


Research shows that healthcare professionals are looking for up-to-date and relevant treatment information that they can use to increase their knowledge level and share with their patients.

The webinar features a real-life use case to show how you can strengthen HCP relationships and empower HCPs to provide credible, trustworthy information to share with their patients.



Patient engagement webinar - experience Sharedoc


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September 21. New York 9 AM, London 2 PM, Paris 3 PM. 


Management, Digital Marketers, Brand Managers, Product specialists and MSLs, Patient engagement teams. 



Beth Wolff, Head of Professioanl Services. Luis Rodriguez, Client Director 



Expert Roundtable Discussion: Patients


Roundtable: What the super patient means to Sales and Marketing?

As patients are becoming more empowered, life science companies are re-structuring. There is a growing focus on patient-centricity. Yet still an execution gap between the desire to do more and actually delivering on its promise.

Patient empowerment

Article: Impact of the empowered patient 

To explore what’s pushing us forward (and holding us back), Health Sales & Marketing Magazine recently invited a group of digital innovators and experts – including Agnitio's CEO Lars Diemer – to share their views on the digitally empowered patients.

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Agnitio webinar: Delivering on patient-centricity 

At this webinar, we discuss patient-centricity and demonstrate how Sharedoc, Agnitio’s innovative new communication tool, can help grow your digital patient engagement in reality.

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