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Engage every stakeholder

Patient communication

Fully support your treatment. Enable patients to get relevant information on demand. Empower healthcare professionals to deliver patient communication services that answer individual concerns and information needs. 

Patient-centric communication

Empower patients

With Rainmaker every stakeholder is empowered. As a patient with Rainmaker multichannel communication software you could:


Let yourself select content based on your own needs and preferences such as region, disease and current treatment

Patient Centricity

Enable yourself to get your own personalized app with information that is always relevant and up to date

HCP Patient engagement

Allow doctors or nurses to host remote workshops or webinars to make relevant information more accessible and support your treatment better

Patient relatives centricity

Enable your relatives to access information that the doctor provides on a personalized app, website or brochure - keeping everybody well informed

Empower every stakeholder

Enabling patient engagement

Empower patients

Empower patients


Empowered with Rainmaker, healthcare professionals can even enable patients to better communicate with their families. With the Patient App or another channel like Personalized Brochures, patients can explain their condition and get the family support they need

HCP compliant communication

Compliant communication


By empowering healthcare professionals you ensure that your communications are fully compliant ,  improve outcomes by enabling those closest to a problem and offer a valuable service that strengthens your product

Engaging patients

Increase your value


Improve outcomes and increase your value to payers, healthcare professionals and patients. With Rainmaker’s patient communication capabilities, you can help healthcare professionals solve problems like adherence or compliance and answer the ever-greater patient demands for information

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Rainmaker empowers your stakeholders and extends your communications. It is scalable to any deployment size. Free your agencies to do their best work and explore new forms of customer engagement – taking you beyond closed loop marketing.

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