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Engage every stakeholder

Digital pharma marketers

With Rainmaker you can facilitate and support your reps communications with healthcare professionals easily and conveniently. The multichannel marketing software enables marketers and representatives to stay in control by sharing content easily to all stakeholders at their convenience through multiple channels.

Omnichannel pharma communication

Empower digital marketers

With Rainmaker every stakeholder is empowered. Rainmaker allows marketers and representatives to communicate across channels beyond healthcare professionals and engage every stakeholder in the chain.  

edetailing HCP salesrep sharing content

Marketers can notify doctors by targeted email and SMS campaigns

edetailing marketer

Company reps can share material through personalized apps, brochures and websites

Sales representatives provide visual aids

Company reps can provide Doctors with great visual aid through Closed Loop Marketing


Marketers can gain a better market understanding through anonymous insights through Personalized Patient App

Empower every stakeholder

Multichannel pharma marketing

Doctor/ patient communication

A new world of data

With Rainmaker marketers will discover whole new ways to gain insights which will increase their understanding and help empowering the Doctor/ patient communication further with relevant, high quality edetailing.

Stay in control

With the Partner App marketers stay in control of their content across segmented groups. Enable Doctors to access highly relevant material that they can show their patients. 


Communicate across channels

 With targeted Email, SMS and Web Meetings you can reach your contacts conveniently across channels. Rainmaker enables and empowers marketers to provide the right content at the right time, through the right channel. 

Start your journey

Ready to engage

Rainmaker empowers your stakeholders and extends your communications. It is scalable to any deployment size. Free your agencies to do their best work and explore new forms of customer engagement – taking you beyond closed loop marketing.

Ready to engage Ready to engage
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