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Help doctors help patients

Enable healthcare professionals to provide patients with treatment information in a simple, convenient and fully-compliant way.

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Help doctors help patients

Sharedoc: empowering HCP-patient communication

Sharedoc is a patient engagement communication tool that enables you to provide healthcare professionals with credible and trustworthy treatment information that they can share with patients in an easy and accessible way.

Sharedoc empowers doctors to increase the support that they give to patients — providing treatment information on demand.

By empowering healthcare professionals, you are working on what matters to them most: effective treatment. This partnership approach increases the value of rep engagements and raises the willingness of healthcare professionals to engage in all channels.


  • Empowered healthcare professionals
  • Informed patients
  • Valued life science communication

Simplicity and speed

With Sharedoc you provide healthcare professionals with patient-relevant content that they can review. They then select the content that they wish to share, which patients receive in their app.



Information at the point of care

With the doctor in charge of communication decisions, content is made relevant to individual patient needs. And, by being delivered at the point of care, it’s possible to provide more product-specific information because of healthcare professionals' oversight.

Multiple sources for your patient engagement

Content reuse

Sharedoc directly connects people to your patient content. Now you can take your existing material on patient portals and other channels and provide it to healthcare professionals to actively share with patients via Sharedoc. 

Mixed media

Rich content delivery

Sharedoc provides a much better experience than a traditional leaflet or a fixed-content website because healthcare professionals can tailor the content to each patient’s needs. Sharedoc uses HTML5, which means that any kind of content can be used – plain texts, images, animations and videos. It can also deliver PDFs, PowerPoint and Word documents.

Any operation system, any devices

Cross-device solution

The Sharedoc app works on Apple and Microsoft tablet computers. In addition, content delivery via microsite means that the content can be received on mobile devices, stationary computers & laptops.

Technically speaking

System flexibility

Sharedoc connects seamlessly to Rainmaker, Agnitio’s state-of-art healthcare professional communication system. Sharedoc can also complement other solutions, enabling you to provide the value that Sharedoc brings while continuing to use your existing e-detailing system in your HCP communication.

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Book an online demonstration for your colleagues at your next marketing meeting or talk to us to learn more about supporting healthcare professionals with Sharedoc and connecting your content with patients.


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