10 ways to use Sharedoc


Sharedoc is an innovative communication tool from Agnitio. Offering flexibility with content control, Sharedoc solves multiple industry communication challenges. Here are just 10 of the many opportunities that Sharedoc opens up for your communication.

1. Deliver fully-compliant patient communication
Sharedoc enables you to provide HCPs with patient-appropriate materials that they can review and share with their patients in an easy way. By ‘helping doctors help patients’ you meet multiple stakeholder needs for credible treatment and disease information — supporting both HCPs and patients in a fully-compliant way.

2. Improve treatment adherence
Because Sharedoc can be used at the point of care, doctors can supply patients with detailed product-use information during a consultation. This helps to avoid misunderstandings over products and gives people an on-demand reference for how the product should be used — while reinforcing the importance of following instructions precisely.

3. Help doctors to personalize patient communication
Sharedoc can contain multiple documents, PDFs, videos etc on specific issues regarding a disease and its treatment. This means that HCPs can select materials that precisely answer each patient’s particular concerns. By enabling doctors to filter information, the communication becomes more relevant and patients get the answers they need.

4. Build relationships with patient associations
Sharedoc can be used to deliver content from any source. Where a disease area has an active patient association with quality information materials available, Sharedoc can deliver them to doctors and patients. This not only increases the information resources that you can provide but also offers real value to patient associations.

5. Improve clinical trial communication
With Sharedoc you can deliver compliant information to support your clinical trial’s patient program in a highly-controlled way. From HQ, you send materials to the clinical trial centre lead investigator and then onwards to participating hospitals/clinics and patients — opening direct lines of communication with clear controls on content distribution.

6. Support Medical Science Liaisons
Sharedoc's flexibility enables MSLs to deliver precise scientific information to key opinion leaders (KOLs) for discussion and review. And the control that Sharedoc provides then makes it possible for KOLs to share pre-selected information with their scientific colleagues. With Sharedoc, MSLs have the tools to engage effectively — and far more easily — with their peers.

7. Strengthen market access programs
Deliver better educational tools and more effective product support throughout the treatment pathway and strengthen your market access case. Sharedoc’s point-of-care support demonstrates a holistic approach, provides relevant value-adding services, and enables argumentation around quicker recovery, less hospitalization and improved compliance.

8. Increase patient family support
Via their doctors, you can empower patients with information to share with their families if they wish. Specific materials can explain a condition to loved ones and the kind of support that a patient needs. This not only helps patients but also their families wanting to better understand a medical condition — while clearly aiding doctors in their communication.

9. Improve doctor-patient consultations
Consultations with doctors can be made more efficient and valuable if patients are prepared and informed. Powered with the right content, Sharedoc can enable HCPs to provide patients with materials to review prior to meeting them — such as warning signs for any possible drug side effects. The materials can then be discussed face-to-face and any questions answered.

10. Meet your specific needs
There are endless ways to use Sharedoc in your communications. It’s simplicity, flexibility and speed combine with tightly-controlled delivery to open up new opportunities for the life science industry. Talk to us about how Sharedoc can solve your specific challenges and match your ambitions.

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