What we do

Agnitio delivers innovative customer engagement technologies. Our solutions enable pharma and medtech companies to respond to the needs of their customers: HCPs, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders.

• Customer team empowerment
• Remote applications
• Connected multichannel software
• Patient engagement solutions

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Close partnerships

Our partnership approach means that companies remain customers years and even decades later. We work closely together to solve today’s business challenges and open tomorrow’s opportunities.

Full support

Dedicated customer teams ensure Agnitio’s software is embedded in an organization.

Business strategy

Ensuring that the software solution provides the right business outcome.

Measurable results

Data tracking and analysis for actionable insights and continual improvement.

Part of something big


October 2020, Agnitio was acquired by Bigtincan, a global leader in sales enablement automation. Bigtincan provides organizations with a complete, intelligent platform to onboard sellers faster, help sellers find the right assets, automatically personalize content, and measure results in real-time. Customers include multinational life science companies like ThermoFisher, Biotronik, and Merck.

Our history

Agnitio is a privately-held company founded in 2001 and based out of Copenhagen. Our mission is to develop technology that improves healthcare through better communication.

Pioneered the first iPad-based closed loop marketing solution, later launched on Microsoft Windows

Launched Rainmaker, the market’s first complete multichannel engagement and sales enablement platform in 2015

Introduced Rainmaker Remote, the market’s most advanced virtual engagement solution custom-made for the life sciences

Continually added Rainmaker functionality with nine major updates to date

Launched Sharedoc, an innovative HCP-to-patient engagement platform

Currently more than 200 creative digital agencies certified to work with Agnitio software

Celebrated our 10-year partnership with Bayer and 8-year partnership with Roche in 2018

Empowered more departments – Market Access, Medical Affairs – with our technologies

Joined forces with Bigtincan in 2020 to accelerate AI-driven sales enablement

Get to know our people

Agnitio is a team of specialists. We are all driven to enable our customers to do more by applying the right technologies. Meet some of our experts here.


"We have to be life science specialists. This isn’t just about understanding our customers’ business but also enabling them to respond to a healthcare landscape that’s changing fast.”

Mads Bjarni-Kornbech
VP, Global Marketing Life Sciences & Regional Head



“Partnership isn’t about staying in touch but rather working together. Having everyone around the same table means we know what our customers are trying to achieve and can help them act in the most agile way.”

Casper Christensen
Agency Partner Consultant


“Technology is a means to an end: great experiences for HCPs, payers and patients. That’s what excites us and drives our product development.”

Tiina Mikkelsen
Client Director


“People talk about passion but do not act on it. Even outside of work, our team members engage in day-long hackathons to re-think and innovate life-saving technologies using AI and VR.”

Martin Frederiksen
VP of Product Development and Operations


“More than a hotline for when things go wrong, true support is the experience needed to ensure that things go right. Our partnership approach sets you up for success.”

Daniel Frithioff-Bøjsøe
Product Specialist

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