Your technology partner
Agnitio understands creative agencies. We speak your language and understand your needs. And we’re always available to support your work.

We’re here for you

More than 200 creative agencies around the world use Agnitio’s e-detailing, CLM and multichannel technologies – building content that solves client challenges, strengthens relationships with HCPs, and positively impacts treatment outcomes.

Dedicated agency team
When you work with Agnitio’s solutions, you get access to our dedicated support team. Whether it’s specific technical issues or just blueskying what’s possible, we’re always available.

Continual development
Rainmaker is the result of more than 10 years development. And never stop. You get continual updates that make your creativity that much easier to implement or open up whole new possibilities.

Creative toolbox
We understand that you want to spend more time solving your client’s creative challenges and less time on repetitive work. That’s why Rainmaker comes with a creative toolbox of code for standard functions.

A platform for creativity

We understand that it’s the content that really matters. That’s why we created Rainmaker. Power your creativity with a system that enables you to do so much more.

Full creative freedom
Built to access the true potential HTML5, with Rainmaker your imagination is set free.

Customer experience
Create personalized experiences with Rainmakers connected multichannel technology.

True multichannel
Drive content to any channel. Your content displays perfectly wherever it is needed.

Fast content editing
Rainmaker’s content editing makes it easy to update, publish & distribute.

User-friendly design
Rainmaker is designed to make your life easier – like clear localization systems for global reach.

Completely scalable
Rainmaker gives you full creative freedom with the control of a properly-structured system.

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