Digital engagement technologies
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Empower sales team, market access and medical affairs with the tools they need to succeed.

Multichannel and sales enablement

Rainmaker: Multichannel CLM software

Align marketing and sales efforts while staying compliant. With Rainmaker, you enable personalized engagements via a range of channels and devices, while ensuring compliant and consistent communications. You deliver a unified customer experience, while keeping track of your KPIs with a central hub for your data insights. 

Remote for virtual client engagement

Bring more value and flexibility to your customer engagements, while increasing reach and access. With Rainmaker Remote, you can host one-to-one remote meetings, webinars with multiple attendees or deliver content on demand with online access. Every interaction is tracked as you are broadcasting, not screensharing, your content live.

E-detailing for HCP engagement 

Make interactions more powerfull with digital content for any or every customer engagement. We track every interaction with your presentation, offering you actionable insights, so you can grow the next conversation and quickly adapt to market changes with tools for easy editing, approval and deployment.

Approved e-mail campaigns

Empower your reps with a channel for personal and fully compliant HCP e-mails. With approved e-mail, your marketing team develops and gets regulatory approval on e-mail content. Sales can share the compliant information to those contacts that have given e-mail consent. You track every interaction with and within the email.

Solving your challenges

Demonstrate ROI from investing in digital sales enablement


Optimize training of investigators during clinical trials

Provide a seamless multichannel customer experience

Provide a seamless multichannel customer experience

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Digital communications

and the new medtech

commercial model
E-book: The hidden potential

of digitization

Digital Communications Medtech E-book


Digital communications and the new medtech commercial model

E-book: The hidden potential of digitization

Empower your stakeholders with digital tools to improve performance