Client case study

How to start building digital customer experiences with e-detailing

1. Challenge
Strengthening the market position with a solution-centric strategy after becoming independent.

2. Solution
Global launch of e-detailing to track customer preferences, and support more touchpoints, needs and conversations.

3. Impact
Better understanding of content and customer needs through actionable data.


Switching to customer-centricity

A global medical device company faced new challenges after being spun off from its parent company. Becoming independent required a new market positioning and a focus on strengthening customer relations.

To solve these challenges, a strategic decision was taken to move from product centricity to solution centricity, addressing the whole customer journey and delivering valuable services to nurses.

Addressing the customer experience holistically

Focus was placed on the customer and the customer experience. This entailed a re-mapping of the customer touchpoints to identify areas for improvement. Here, e-detailing was a crucial tool for supporting and improving the quality of face-to-face engagements.

Content was digitalized into interactive e-detailers to strengthen communication, make presentations more dynamic and flexible, and make it possible to better track and understand engagements.

‘Leave-behinds’ and other physical content continued to be used to ensure digital functioned as support to the whole customer experience and maintain a strong brand position when leaving the clinic.

With Rainmaker, all customer interaction data was captured, and further insights achieved with the ability to create in-content surveys and post-call reporting. This ensured a better market, customer and team understanding – and knowledge on what performs well in specific customer journeys and why.

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This is a great example of how e-detailing data enables companies to design customer experiences based on empirical evidence and the voice of their own customers.

Luis A. Rodriguez
Global Client Director, Agnitio A/S

The impact: Actionable data on preferences and content interactions

With Rainmaker, the company achieved better understanding of the customer journey and how to improve their engagements through actionable data on:

  • Content use and preferences, showing Marketing which brands and content types were most used. 
  • Key differences in customer preferences on channels, formats and messaging across countries. 
  • Specific HCP responses that were made directly in the content via built-in surveys, e.g. on product satisfaction or pain points.


Why Agnitio?

Agnitio and the Rainmaker platform were selected because of the analytics and reporting capabilities, providing actionable insights on preferences and content interactions. The ability to add channels to the experience was another benefit and is currently being considered as the next step.


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