Client case study

Applying multichannel technology for better customer experiences and commercial performance

1. Challenge

The company needed to adapt to changing HCP and patient expectations.

2. Solution

Rainmaker multichannel CLM was rolled out across divisions and markets to: create better customer experiences; improve market insights; and produce actionable data.

3. Impact

Personalized customer dialogues, improved data capture across stakeholder groups, divisions and geographies.


Rising customer expectations

A major life sciences company – operating throughout pharmaceuticals, consumer health, agriculture and animal health - experienced significant changes to their business environment. Both HCPs and patients had changing expectations to the value provided by the company – wanting more relevant and timely communication and services.

At the same time, innovative competitors had focused on proving value-based outcomes and delivering digital services. At the other end of the market, generic competitors pushed price competition.

The company wanted to respond to these market dynamics and become a market leader in terms of the innovation and value that they provided. Digital engagement was considered a necessary tool for achieving this.

An integrated multichannel solution for all markets

Together with Agnitio, a global roll-out plan for Rainmaker was developed that enabled full integration with the company’s CRM, while allowing for channel deployment flexibility for each division and country.

Rainmaker’s tool for face-to-face e-detailing was used to improve engagements with HCPs, pharmacies and other customers. Each country could then choose additional channels from the Rainmaker platform – Remote, Approved Email, and self-guided e-detailing with microsites – to extend the customer experience. As content could be reused across the selected channel mix, content creation costs were reduced to a minimum.

Full CRM integration ensured alignment between call planning and execution in each channel. It also provided a central hub of data, gathering analytics across functions, divisions and geographies, thereby offering an easy overview of performance. This enabled the sales team to improve every customer engagement, and senior management to better understand the market and performance trends.

Multichannel marketing in the life sciences

What is multichannel marketing? How does it benefit your customers? Or your organization? We've gathered the answers in one page, so you get an easy overview.

Life science companies increasingly compete not just on the innovation of their products but on the level of service provided. There is no question that the right multichannel solutions, implemented in the right way, can raise the quality and relevance of customer engagements significantly.

Philip Thomsen
Senior Director, Client Services, Agnitio

The impact: Higher customer satisfaction and improved commercial results

Across four global divisions and 63 countries, the company is now delivering

  • Improved customer experiences by engaging on their terms with the content and channel of preference
  • Extended reach with new channels
  • Increased revenue by driving higher satisfaction and thereby customer loyalty
  • Reduced cost of content as well as contact with multiple channels available


Why Agnitio?

Agnitio and the Rainmaker platform was selected because of the channel flexibility, CRM integration capabilities, and reporting services.

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