Client case study

How to improve customer experience with Rainmaker Multichannel CLM

1. Challenge

BIAL wanted to nurture HCP relationships by improving the customer experience – delivering what individual HCPs want, when they want it, and through the channel of their choice.

2. Solution

A multichannel CLM that provided more tools to reps and the ability to personalize HCP engagements.

3. Impact

A transformation of customer experiences:

  • 36 digital content pieces
  • 160.000 digital HCP engagements
  • 40% more contacts per representative

Improve customer engagements and gain better insights

BIAL – an international pharma company specialized in neurosciences – wanted to create better and more personalized customer experiences. The goal was to nurture relationships with healthcare professionals – delivering what individual HCPs want, provided when it best suit them and through their preferred channels.

To do this, BIAL needed to increase customer insights – using Rainmaker to build knowledge on HCP interest areas and preferences via interactive content and automatic tracking in face-to-face HCP meetings. This provided product and marketing teams with better control of content usage and insights for further content development, in addition to empowering reps with more engaging content.


Multichannel CLM for increased valuable touchpoints

Using Rainmaker’s multichannel CLM capabilities, BIAL provided sales teams with more tools to better manage HCP relationships and increase engagement touchpoints through additional communication channels.

By digitizing brand content and using e-detailing in face-to-face HCP engagements, BIAL delivered more personalized meetings. Interactive presentations were developed to better engage HCPs and gather actionable data.

To take full advantage of Rainmaker’s creative freedom and data-tracking flexibility, Agnitio worked with BIAL and their creative agencies to ensure that the interactive elements were in place to best engage customers and support the project objectives.

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BIAL needed not only a provider but also a true partner, committed to the project and willing to carve the way alongside BIAL. Agnitio seemed to be the best fit for the project. And it has proven to be.

Isabel Fernandes
Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness Office, BIAL


The results: Improved engagement of HCPs

In just 6 months, BIAL has transformed the customer experience through:

  • 36 digital content pieces to make every HCP engagement personal
  • 160.000 digital HCP engagements in 6 months (640% increase from month 1 to 6)
  • 40% more contacts per BIAL representative in 6 months


What’s next?

Enabling multichannel customer engagement is an ongoing project. For BIAL, the ambition now is to further leverage Rainmaker’s capabilities:

  • Add more digital touchpoints to create innovative customer journeys
  • Improve product content based on the customer insights
  • Onboard new markets and sales teams in Europe

Why Agnitio?

The Rainmaker Multichannel CLM platform was chosen because it is easy to use, making it simple for sales teams to onboard. In addition, the platform offers flexibility in channel implementation and creative freedom in content development.

With Agnitio, BIAL also got a strategic partner to advise on content development, data tracking, channel usage and other issues. Finally, the ability to integrate Rainmaker with the company’s custom developed CRM system was vital to provide a “one-stop-shop” for reps.



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