Client case study

How an on-the-fly 'decision tree' system reversed rising sales force costs

1. Challenge
Distributors confused by increasingly complex product portfolio

2. Solution
Agile mobile solution that uses ‘decision tree’ logic for faster, more relevant product communication

3. Impact
Closer collaboration with distributors and significant sales force cost reduction


Distributors holding the key to sales effectiveness

A top-10 medtech company developing innovative solutions for cardiologists and radiologists needed an efficient way to empower third-party distributors (their most important sales channel) to communicate more effectively.


Getting lost in a forest of products

The company was experiencing fierce competition and rapid increases in cost of sales. A major challenge was a portfolio that continually changed due to short product lifecycles – making it hard for distributors to know the solutions in depth.



The solution: sales force effectiveness with ‘on-the-fly’ communication

Agnitio, together with a digital content agency, developed an interactive solution that enabled distributors to communicate on-the-fly whenever they were with their customers.

The company’s products could now be presented in an agile way, using a ‘decision tree’ model on a solution running on mobile devices. In effect, distributors no longer needed to memorize the whole continually changing portfolio but could use the system to quickly find the products that matched their customers’ needs. The new solution saved distributors’ time and greatly improved mobility – enabling them to work effectively in the field at hospitals and clinics. The system also provided the possibility of remote sharing of their interactive product catalogue.


Agnitio worked with the client to develop a system that would both increase distributor product knowledge and decrease sales time.


This project solved a key business problem by strengthening the collaboration between the life science company and their partners. It also shows how technology can be applied to empower people and bring more value to customers.


Ricardo D. Murer


Why Agnitio?

Agnitio’s platform was selected because of its flexibility and the ease with which it makes it possible to control and update content – while ensuring full mobility for users and sales force effectiveness.

Process from insights to sucessful launch


Week 1-3
Gather insights to understand sales and distributor needs.

Week 3-4
Set targets and goals with Commercial Team


Week 4-6
Develop content e.g. product catalogue and decision trees.

Week 6-10
Digital agency & solution partner design and develop the solution.

Week 11-12
Digital agency & solution partner design and develop the solution.


Week 13-26
Run pilot

Week 26
Adapt targets & solution before full rollout.


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