Client case study

Using virtual meetings to increase and improve customer engagements with the same field force

1. Challenge
Company struggling to secure impact from their engagements

2. Solution
Virtual meetings that involve internal specialists to create more value for customers

3. Impact
More customer engagements. Reduced cost of contact. Greater customer satisfaction. Increased sales.


Extending reach beyond face-to-face meetings

A top-10 life science company, developing innovative treatments within oncology, neuroscience and cardiovascular diseases, was experiencing decreasing access to doctors – while cost-per-engagement was increasing.

A changing business environment

The company found that it was becoming harder to access HCPs in traditional ways because of time constraints and increased competition. At the same time, HCPs were demanding more from every engagement: detailed product knowledge and scientific evidence discussions with experts rather than sales pitches.


The solution: Integrated virtual meetings

The company decided to arm customer-facing staff with the tools needed to run virtual meetings without losing the benefits of face-to-face e-detailing.

This enabled reps and KAMs to engage when it suited HCPs, making meetings more flexible and convenient. It was also now possible to involve internal experts (e.g. product specialists or MSLs) who could provide detailed support on any topic that HCPs required – dramatically raising the value of their interactions with the company.

E-book: 6 solutions from remote technology

How remote
your challenges


E-book: 6 solutions from remote technology

How remote communications solves your challenges


The impact



Increased number
of engagements



Reduced cost of contact



Expanded customer contacts



Improved communication efficiency



Cost-effective use of content by re-purposing materials

Agnitio worked with the client to find the right solution for both external and internal audiences.


This case shows how life science companies continue to look for better ways to provide more value to their customers. Virtual client engagement clearly unlocks companies’ ability to scale higher and reach broader, leveraging their field force in a new way.

Lars Meincke
Chief Commercial Officer



Why Agnitio?

Agnitio’s virtual engagement solution was chosen because it is simple to use while providing full functionality and individual data capture. Virtual meetings are easily set up and conducted from a single user-friendly interface.

• Customer-facing staff have access to a store of approved content in multiple formats (graphics, video, interactive) to tailor each session to fit individual HCP needs.

• Several HCPs can also be on the same session at the same time – enabling easier access and reduced cost of contact.

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