Rainmaker multichannel email

Expand your multichannel capabilities and empower customer facing staff to provide targeted and compliant information to healthcare professionals – all delivered via the user-friendly, no-compromise interface from Rainmaker.

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Multiple uses

Enable company representatives to:

• Use HCPs preferred communication channel
• Provide product information and educational support
• Keep HCPs up to date on events and campaigns
• Conduct quick polls to deepen your market understanding

Rainmaker smart e-detailing

See how our smart e-detailing can improve communications between reps and HCPs and generate data that feeds back to the headquarters to ensure that content is adapted accordingly.


The benefits of Rainmaker

Connected multichannel
Seamlessly integrates email with other channels and easily connects with external inputs. Features embedded html5 content that is managed alongside other Rainmaker content.

Always on-brand
Enables all of your customer-facing staff (reps, KAMs, & MSLs) to communicate consistently while you retain full control of messaging for brand consistency.

Compliant communication
Empowers your team to share compliant information – only emails that have been internally approved and meet regulatory requirements can be shared.

Consent-driven information
Rainmaker Email knows which HCPs have given consent to emails so they only get the targeted information you choose via a channel that works for them.

Immediate access to content
Rainmaker embeds your content within the emails so HCPs get immediate access to the information you send, with no additional clicks. Extra content can be offered via hyperlinks.

Actionable data
Responses are fully tracked, capturing actionable data for reps and aggregated data for deeper analysis. Rainmaker’s ‘at a glance’ dashboard can even incorporate external data sources.

Part of a multichannel system

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Rainmaker offers you complete control of your HCP communications, whatever your needs. You can start small and scale up gradually, or build a fully-integrated range of global multichannel communications from the beginning. With Rainmaker, the choice is yours.