Next generation e-detailing

Get state-of-the-art e-detailing in a user-friendly system. Rainmaker’s e-detailing makes it simple to switch from paper detailing to digital communication – and is a springboard to more advanced multichannel when you need it.


Multiple uses

1 Enable your customer-facing teams (sales reps, medical reps, KAMs, etc.) to provide unified
experiences across your customer touch points

4 Enable your market access people to deliver powerful presentations of complex health economic arguments

2 Enable marketers to add the most personal channel to your channel mix – making sure face-to-face interactions are connected to your multichannel mix

5 Optimise your clinical trials by handling patient feedback in a digital format. Enable efficient and compliant training of clinical trial staff

3 Enable brand managers and your agencies to work in the market’s most agile e-detailing system that delivers the insights to drive impactful campaigns

6 Empower self-directed detailing and ensure your customers can access your supporting materials when and where they need it – without you losing any of the insights about what’s relevant

High value e-detailing

Get state-of-the-art e-detailing in a user-friendly system. Make each meeting a high value experience.

Intuitive user interface
Enable your users (sales reps, MSLs
etc.) to focus on their customers, not
the system. Designed for real life sales
situations, Rainmaker dramatically
increases the uptake among reps.

Instant access
With Rainmaker, you don’t wait for presentations to upload. Once downloaded, everything is right there at your fingertips – providing the speed that avoids lost opportunities.

Speedy call set-up
Everything customer-facing staff need is available from just one screen. So say goodbye to sales force frustrations by enabling them to set up a sales call in seconds. It really is that simple.

Fresh content
Rainmaker makes it easy to edit, control and publish content. Now you can react quicker to changing market situations.

Built-in microsite capability
Extend your communications beyond the sales call with microsites that can be personalized to reflect the interests of each healthcare professional.

Multichannel experience
Explore more digital sales opportunities. Whether it is F2F, remote or self-guided detailing, compliant emails or adding other channels, Rainmaker expands to meet your needs.

Full support
Get the support that you need. Whether it is strategic consultancy, deployment or training, Rainmaker is backed by industry leading support at every stage of your e-detailing project.

Part of a multichannel system

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Rainmaker gives you advanced edetailing in a user-friendly system. Learn what it can do for your sales communication.