E-detailing & CLM

Enable your representatives to carry out edetailing very smoothly - from a user interface that’s really a joy to use. Keep assured that all contacts and content are always in sync with closed loop marketing

Endless possibilities

There are many ways to create great customer experiences with Rainmaker. With closed loop marketing you could:

Enable company representatives to provide quality edetailing. with an easy-to-use interface that never distracts

Provide nurses with a great visual aid for one-to-one discussions and follow ups with patients.

Help a doctor to really explain a condition and fully describe the treatment pathway to patients.

Give colleagues in Sales and Marketing the ability to quickly control, update and adapt content.

Ready to engage

Rainmaker empowers your stakeholders and extends your communications. It is scalable to any deployment size. Free your agencies to do their best work and explore new forms of customer engagement – taking you beyond closed loop marketing.