Compliant and compelling remote detailing

With the personalization of video and the speed and simplicity of the cloud

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Why choose LIVE?

Content control
makes it compliant

Interactivity makes
it compelling

Video makes
it personal

Cloud makes
it easy


Just with a web browser, any rep anywhere in the world can run fully compliant detailing sessions.

Reps simply log in, choose their contact, select their content, and email or message the invite.

HCPs just click the link – no downloads, no firewall problems – and the meeting starts.



The option for video makes the engagement human and personal – and is great for maintaining established relationships.

Video also helps keep customers engaged by discouraging multitasking during a call and brings non-verbal cues too that help reps determine interest levels on a topic.


LIVE delivers interactive content that provides a compelling customer experience by involving HCPs in the presentation.

This two-way interactivity also provides data – powering both in-session information for a rep to uncover an HCP’s needs, as well as generating post-session data that increases overall market understanding and shapes future interactions.



Reps choose materials from the in-built content manager, providing oversight and control over what can be shown.

Content broadcasting rather than screen sharing also avoids potential compliance issues as the HCP can only see the presentation materials rather than a rep’s desktop or other files that might be open.


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Focus on the conversation, not the technology

LIVE makes it easy for reps. The user interface is simple to learn, being similar to consumer conferencing software. Meetings are planned and set up with a few clicks. Content controls mean that reps don’t have to worry about ‘getting everything right’ for compliance.

The technology focuses the rep on the conversation. Interactive content enables profiling polls that help reps to shape the session. While in-session live data helps them understand how HCPs are reacting during a presentation, enabling them meet needs as they are revealed.


Speed and simplicity for clinical settings

HCPs can join presentations on any device with a browser. This provides full flexibility for meeting scheduling and ensures that you match HCPs’ preferences – they use whatever device they prefer or whatever is to hand.

It also makes it fast, as no special apps or software need to be downloaded.

On average it just takes 40 seconds from agreeing a call to seeing a presentation. That means that an engagement can start on the phone, WhatsApp or any other channel and quickly switch to a remote detailing presentation.

Better remote call engagement

The ability to provide interactive content isn’t just to provide a pleasing customer experience. It pulls HCPs into the presentation, turning passive listening into active engagement.

In face-to-face meetings, an HCP’s attention is on the rep and the eDetailer. LIVE replicates this experience.

Interactive content – together with video presentation – means that HCPs aren’t multitasking (checking emails or writing prescriptions). They are focused on the presenter and involved in the content.


Data for market understanding

LIVE also provides the data that many companies have been missing from remote detailing.

LIVE’s ability to provide interactive content not only delivers a better HCP experience, it also generates data that enables a deeper market understanding.

Rather than sitting back and passively watching, HCPs can interact with presentations. By enabling two-way interactions, LIVE can produce the kind of insights that were possible in face-to-face eDetailing meetings but now in a remote environment.

Designed for the life sciences

LIVE meets specific pharma and medtech needs. Vitally, it ensures compliance with built-in content management, so reps only use approved and up-to-date materials. And LIVE further protects reps by ‘broadcasting’ content rather than screensharing. This ensures that HCPs can only ever see presentation materials – never a rep’s desktop or any files that might be open.

LIVE also goes further in meeting pharma needs. Because it enables interactive content, the HCP can themselves order clinical papers, patient materials or product samples




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