Medical devices

With more than 15 years’ digital communication experience, Agnitio enables medical device and diagnostics companies to deploy the right technology in the right way. Whether it is delivering data management and tracking, improving your sales communication or increasing patient centricity, we can help.

Complete solutions

Agnitio’s professional services team enable you to access the full benefits of today’s advanced digital communications. Working with companies like Philips Healthcare and Ascensia Diabetes Care, we apply nearly two decades of experience to the specific challenges of the medical device industry.

Solving medical device challenges

Agnitio’s solutions provide the flexibility to solve multiple communication challenges – enabling multi-stakeholder engagement, providing clear product-portfolios presentations, training HCPs, educating patients, and communicating health-economic benefits.

"With so many stakeholders, it can be hard to fully-control our communications."
With Rainmaker, you gain control by tracking your communication across channels, personnel and stakeholders for greater transparency.

"We want to enable a better customer experience when using our products.”
Use Sharedoc to help consumers manage their condition via easily-accessible support material – then track usage to understand issues and needs.

"We want to ensure that HCPs can fully explain our products to patients.”
Make personal training and education of HCPs scalable, efficient and convenient for users with Rainmaker's face-to-face and self-guided channels.

"Our environment is changing rapidly with growing price pressures.”
Increase your value. With Rainmaker, services can be built around every product – and tracked to demonstrate value to HCPs and patients.

"Our sales team needs better management of scientific and technical data.”
Agnitio's solutions enable you to access all supporting data and communicate it at the speed required for face-to-face engagements.

"Our distributors are missing in-depth product knowledge.”
Rainmaker can enable your distributors to manage broad product portfolios with a 'decision tree' system so they can quickly find the right product for the right client.

Complete solution: technology and service

From closed loop marketing to advanced multichannel communications, Agnitio continually pushes the boundaries of what digital technology can deliver. Get the latest solutions combined with tailored digital strategy, implementation and analytics services.

Rainmaker: Multichannel marketing software
Rainmaker makes multichannel communication easy. Manage every channel in one place, including e-detailing, virtual meetings, microsites and targeted, compliant e-mails.

Sharedoc: Content sharing for HCPs and patients
Help doctors help patients. Sharedoc enables doctors to share compliant content in a simple way that informs and educates – improving adherence and outcomes.

Professional services: Digital strategy, project management and analytics
Benefit from Agnitio’s extensive digital experience. Get support for your multichannel strategy, solution customization and roll out.

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