Multichannel marketing

Rising expectations

With the rapid development of mobile communications, the way that we interact with content has changed. And demands are rising. We now want information whenever and however it suits us. Multichannel communications enable you to meet these challenges.

Ideally, your multichannel marketing system should drive your content to any channel and on any device. That means that your materials can be experienced in different ways depending on the preferences of your customers. These channels could be e-detailing, microsites, mobile applications or a remote presentation.

Multichannel marketing

Advanced multichannel marketing

Personalized engagement

The latest developments in multichannel marketing communication enable a personalized experience for each healthcare professional.

For example, a specific microsite can be automatically generated depending on how an HCP interacted with an edetailing presentation. If they showed a strong interest in a drug's safety profile, their personal microsite will explain that topic in more depth.

The healthcare professional can then explore this at a time and place that best meets his or her schedule. And then a follow-up can be arranged, either remotely or face-to-face, to ensure that everything was clear and understood.

Advanced multichannel communication gives you the flexibility to adapt your content delivery to your audience. Any combination is possible. Because channels are linked together, you can ensure that relevant information is delivered in the most convenient way to each individual.

Rainmaker multichannel software

Connected communications

Rainmaker is an advanced yet easy-to-use communications suite that enables you to deliver high-value content across channels. It includes tools for edetailing, virtual meetings, microsites and compliant emails.

Applying expertise

Full project support

Agnitio led the development of multichannel communication in life sciences. And we continue to push the boundaries today. We know what it takes to get the most from technology – and work closely with you on the implementation and long-term planning of your digital communications.

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