Healthcare’s Digital Adoption Lags Behind Other Industries

Healthcare's Digital Adoption Lags Behind Other Industries

Recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) shows that the healthcare sector as a whole is well behind other industries when it comes to using digital technology.

McKinsey´s views on digital adoption in healthcare

By looking at the application of digitization in sectors across the U.S. economy, McKinsey found a large and growing gap between sectors – and between companies within those sectors. The report looked at 27 indicators of digitization across industries and grouped them into three broad categories: digital assets, digital usage and digital workers.

The study states that the opportunity to engage with customers digitally is vital to improve customer interactions. Moreover, usage-related innovations are likely to have profound implications on business models and economics across the value chain in the coming years.

Despite great differences among healthcare companies, the McKinsey report overall sees major room for improvement. Yet it concludes that if the healthcare sector can close the technological gap with other industries, the upside could be substantial in terms of innovation, productivity and profit.

Commenting on MGI’s findings, Lars Diemer, Agnitio CEO, says:

“Clearly McKinsey’s report highlights the need for the industry as a whole to act faster in the adoption of digital technologies  – and especially so for companies that have to catch up with their best-performing peers within life sciences.”

“Yet the slower update of digital technology in healthcare," he continued, "is also an opportunity to learn from other industries and adapt ideas to suit the specific needs of healthcare. This is now happening.”

“Within digital communications specifically, we’re now seeing increasing desire to use technology in innovative ways – such as a renewed focus on data-driven marketing to strengthen HCP partnerships and new approaches that provide high-value support to patients and their families," he concluded.

Video: See reflections on the study in Harvard Business Review

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