New thinking needed to enable impactful patient engagement

New thinking needed to enable impactful patient engagement

As consumer expectations grow fast, there is an increasing need for pharma to speed up the adoption of new technologies to take a central role around patient engagement.

In this article John McCarthy from Astra Zeneca, Davidek Herron from Teva and Lars Diemer CEO of Agnitio share their views on patient engagement expectations and patient-centric initiatives enablement. Read full article.

Patient engagement expectations

Article extracts

John McCarthy, VP, Global Digital, AstraZeneca:

“There are a lot of ingrained promotional and marketing parts of the pharmaceutical industry, which are reluctant to give up the old way of doing things. While patients are out in the world accessing Amazon and ‘clicking and collecting’ their materials, we have relied on a more traditional approach with several intermediaries. People want a better experience from us and it is incumbent on us to continue to push on the fears and on the internal organizational capabilities to make sure we are better able to deliver for these patients.”

Davidek Herron, Head of Field Experience, TEVA:

“We need to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, asking ‘Do I find any added value in this interaction?’ and ‘Would this relationship be in line with what I’m trying to achieve?’. We really need to look at their goals what are they trying to achieve and this not only applies to the customers, it also applies to the patients, prescribers and the payers as well.”

Lars Diemer, Chief Executive Officer, Agnitio:

"Patients have “huge digital expectations”. “These ‘on-demand’ patients expect to have the data they need to manage their health in the same way they do for everything else in their lives. They expect doctors to give them more personal care, and recent research shows that 40% of patients are willing to pay for additional services if there is proof that this can help them.”


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