Key takeaways: Digital Pharma Advances conference

Key takeaways: Digital Pharma Advances Conference

Conference report

We’re just back from the Digital Pharma Advances conference in London and are happy to report that this event just keeps getting better. There’s a new venue, great speakers, and delegates keen to share their ideas.

Agnitio presentation

As usual, Agnitio was keen to offer a technology perspective and stimulate discussion. Erik Stangerup, Agnitio’s CCO, gave a well-received presentation on digital transformation in the life sciences with a particular emphasis on HCP engagement.

Our takeaways

Agnitio delegates were asked to ‘zoom out’ and give their take on the big picture. What’s changed? What’s exciting? And what’s next?

Here are the big themes that they reported back:

  • When it comes to digital, the argument has been made. Digital and innovation are now on the senior management agenda.
  • Many companies are now actively implementing their digital strategies, starting on a journey that they know will run and run.
  • In this process, change management is seen as essential – and numerous internal engagement processes and projects were highlighted.
  • Right now a big focus is expanding out from edetailing to a multichannel approach that offers more value to HCPs – with both guided and on-demand opportunities being pursued.
  • The need to add services to products was firmly in focus, with digital communications technology seen as central in this transition. Digitally-aided scientific engagement and medical education were highlighted as immediate opportunities.
  • Better exploitation of data was discussed – both the need to make a real effort to 'close the loop' on data and to explore opportunities that AI offers in the future.
  • Patient communication was also on the agenda, with enhancing HCP-patient communication understood to be an area in which high-value services can be delivered.

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