Three kinds of remote HCP engagement: How to make them happen

Three kinds of remote HCP engagement: How to make them happen

Remote technology is not just about overcoming geographic barriers or reducing costs. It does both these things – brilliantly – but it also can do much more. It adds value to your current customer outreach and opens up new kinds of customer interactions.

Here we highlight some of the big strides that pharma and medtech are a taking and explain how our solution – Rainmaker Remote – makes it happen.


1. Combine remote with face-to-face engagements 

The objective: Add remote technologies to your current face-to-face engagements, to increase the depth of contact with each individual. Remote makes it possible to schedule more frequent meetings online and follow up on specific issues previously discussed face-to-face.

Remote also benefits the customer by making conversations flexible, ensuring you meet people in ways that suit them best.

The solution: With Rainmaker Remote you can deliver the value of face-to-face meetings with the advantages of remote. You can apply the very same content as you are using today – whether PDF, PowerPoint or e-detailers – to your remote engagements. Reps can also easily switch between content types during a call, ensuring you have the same flexibility as in a face-to-face meeting.

2. Host group meetings remotely

The objective: Enable new kinds of remote interactions like mini-webinars or peer-to-peer remote group meetings. Here you can invite a group of doctors or nurses within the same therapeutic area to calls with medical or product specialists. Or you can have multiple doctors working in the same clinic in a group meeting with a rep.

This not only increases efficiency but matches new HCP organization types and the need amongst HCPs for more specialist information.

The solution: With Rainmaker Remote, you can have up to 25 participants on the same call, all the while getting live data on each individual participant’s interactions. And you can use either audio or chat for communicating, depending on the type of group session you are hosting.

3. Develop remote selling teams or inside sales 

The objective: Take a pure remote approach with either fully-remote teams or inside sales centers. These can grow your commercial reach significantly, target low-potential prospects, as well as start conversations with new prospects in a highly cost-efficient way.

The solution: Rainmaker Remote broadcasts your content rather than just shares the rep’s screen, ensuring a high engagement level due to the interactivity this makes possible, and a lot of value delivered even in remote-only conversations. These customer interactions also mean that you get high quality and actionable data, which would otherwise be lost in remote engagements.

In addition, inside sales teams targeting prospects via telephone benefit from Rainmaker Remote’s ability to generate a simplified but personal link that can be read out over the phone, shared via What’s App, SMS or LinkedIn, so HCPs can access your presentation quickly.

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