Virtual engagement booklet

Booklet: How virtual engagement adds value to you and your customers

With customer demands rising and face-to-face time diminishing, virtual (remote) engagement is one of the most promising ways to reach doctors. We have put together a booklet on virtual client engagement that outlines what it is, what it offers you and your customers, and how you can use it.

Rising pharma demand for virtual engagement

Did you know that 49 percent of healthcare professionals attended a virtual meeting in 2015?* And another 50 percent expect their online attendance to increase in the coming 12 months?**

At eyeforpharma Barcelona Conference 2018, it became clear that there's an increasing demand for virtual engagement in pharma.  Pfizer's presentation emphasized a rise  in popularity of virtual meetings among HCPs, and mentioned that the average quality of these meetings was rated 4,7 out of 5. We also saw numerous examples of pharma companies that successfully applied virtual engagement to enhance reach and increase number of engagements at a lower cost.

*Ashfield Healthcare, The Future of Meetings, 2016
**EPG Health, Scientific Meetings in the Digital Age, 2017

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