Rainmaker virtual engagement webinar

Hack the system: How to use virtual engagement to get through to doctors in the modern age
Virtual conferencing represents a crucial advance towards the digitisation of pharma companies, which, Accenture has recently estimated, could grow revenues by up to 35% and improve today’s baseline profitability by up to 61% within the next five years.
Companies are experiencing reduced access to HCPs, and have a harder time providing information and support. This drives a higher cost-of-contact and puts increased pressure on the field sales organisations to do more with less.
By using virtual engagement technologies – remote calls, webinars, on-demand information provisioning – companies facilitate engagement with doctors whenever and wherever they want.
What you'll learn on this webinar?

  •  What are the current problems that virtual engagement can address
  •  How can virtual technology be tailored to meet the needs of various customers/stakeholders
  •  How does it fit into current multichannel marketing offering
  •  How is the effectiveness measured?
  •  What is on the horizon?

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