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4. Overcome geographical barriers

What’s happening

In some markets, the country’s geography makes it difficult to reach healthcare professionals. In hard-to-reach places, regular face-to-face meetings are difficult to arrange or unpredictable due to weather condition.

In some markets, it can be economically impossible to reach more than 20 percent of customers in traditional ways. In such cases, the ‘anywhere, anytime’ benefits of remote communication are clear and obvious. And many companies were quick to empower their sales force in these regions with the technology.

What’s next

As early adopters, these markets can offer great insights. Colleagues around the world, looking to apply the technology for other reasons, can benefit greatly from their experiences. The real experts in remote engagement are often those for whom it is a necessity and therefore has become an everyday tool.

The bottom line

Remote communications shrink distance and remove barriers. ‘Edge cases’, where geography makes this a daily necessity, have a lot to teach other markets.

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