Personal Web Meetings

Let sales reps and pharma marketing connect to healthcare professionals through dedicated remote web meetings. Enable doctors to have web meetings with 1 or more of their patients. Connect, engage and empower all stakeholders.


See how it works

Remote edetailing

Meet your customers wherever and whenever they want. Rainmaker Remote extends your detailing, keeping representatives and healthcare professionals in close dialogue.

Endless possibilities

There are many ways to create great customer experiences with Rainmaker. With Personal Web Meetings you could:

Facilitate reps to meet with healthcare professionals at any time.

Enable doctors and nurses to easily follow up with patients after diagnosis.

Let doctors invite a specialist to work with patients without a physical consultation.

Make it possible for a medical science liason to discuss the impact of new clinical studies.

Ready to engage

Rainmaker empowers your stakeholders and extends your communications. It is scalable to any deployment size. Free your agencies to do their best work and explore new forms of customer engagement – taking you beyond closed loop marketing.