Content on-demand

Strengthen your customer engagements by delivering content on-demand. With Rainmaker, you can make the latest clinical studies or content available to HCPs wherever and whenever they need it in a personalized website. They don't need to download anything, and you track every view, click or action.

The benefits as part of Rainmaker

Discover the unique benefits of Rainmaker for content sharing on-demand.

Increase content ROI

With Rainmaker, you apply your existing content to the personalized website, enabling content efficiency and alignment across channels and customer touch-points.

Deliver more value

With Rainmaker websites, reps can make compliant content available on-demand for HCPs to access when and where it is relevant, ultimately driving more value.

Get complete data insights

With Rainmaker personalized websites, you track every view, click and interaction customers have with content, offering actionable data for follow-up conversations.

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Rainmaker personalized microsites

Make content available for HCPs on-demand, while tracking every interaction,
so you gain actionable data insights.


Multiple users

Field forces

Field reps use personalized microsites to engage customers with highly-relevant content on-demand.


Marketing managers

Marketing uses microsite engagements' tracking to understand HCPs' content usage and brand exposure.

Medical specialists

Medical specialists meet HCPs' demands for more specialist dialogue by engaging more and at lower cost.

Part of a virtual experience

Personalized microsites provide a full virtual experience with channels that are flexible, enable unique experiences, and secure complete data insights on all interactions with HCPs.

Connected to a multichannel system

Apply the channels relevant to your client engagements
with multichannel software.


Face-to-face meetings and group presentations

Remote detailing

Flexible and engaging online meetings

Approved email

Regulatory compliant email campaigns

Mobile applications

Unique mobile apps for digital health services


Online meetings with multiple participants

Personalized websites

On demand content-sharing with customers


Empower your stakeholders with
digital tools to improve performance