Activate your CRM with Rainmaker integration

Rainmaker integrates to all CRM systems, enabling smart selling and better customer segmentation.


CRM integration was a must-have when choosing our multichannel CLM solution. With Rainmaker, we'll be providing a "one stop shop" where everything the REP needs is available in a fast and simple way.

Isabel Fernandes
Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness Office

Connect to any CRM

Rainmaker integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Veeva and many other systems. We even connect to in-house developed CRM systems. So, whether you have one global system or many different CRM solutions around the world, you can rely on Rainmaker.

Track sales performance & spot trends

The commercial team and sales management can track sales performance. You can clearly see the impact of Rainmaker – whether multichannel, e-detailing or remote – on customer engagement.

Rainmaker also enables you to spot trends, such as when and where each channel is most effective, or how to optimize HCP segmentation to best apply your resources.

If you want to explore what data is necessary for you to track success, reach out and get we’ll connect you with an expert.

Example of how engagements can be visualized in Salesforce

Get ahead of the market

Example of how the performance of an e-detailer can look in Salesforce

Understand how content is performing in the field. See what’s generating results (and what isn’t), track content KPIs, and calculate content return-on-investment.

Then go deeper – diving into who’s using the content effectively, when it’s being shown, and to which audiences.

If you want to explore what data is necessary for you to track success, reach out and we’ll connect you with an expert.

Make meeting scheduling more efficient

Make sales reps’ work more seamless with a one-stop-shop to plan meetings and overview contacts. Whether you schedule meetings on behalf of others or with your own contacts, the details are immediately synced from Salesforce (or another CRM) to Rainmaker. 

In the image to the right, you can see how meetings are scheduled with an already selected contact in Salesforce Lightning. Here, you write the meeting subject, select the time, channel and content to be used in that meeting. Once saved, the meeting is visible as an upcoming event together with other upcoming and past meetings, emails and other contact activities. With immediate synchronisation, this process is only done once - so reps, managers and Marketing work more efficiently, and get one seamless, central system to overview all contact and account activities.

If you want to see more on how to efficiently plan and execute meetings with a Rainmaker to Salesforce integration, reach out and we'll show you how simple it is.

Example of how a meeting easily can be set up in Salesforce

Client case study

A multinational life sciences company was struggling to secure uptake and get value from their Salesforce CRM investment. The company had  decided to invest in Salesforce to streamline activities, gather data, and enable better segmentation. However, 1-2 years into the implementation they were struggling to get the field force to use the system in a consistent way.

To provide more value to customer teams, the company decided to connect Agnitio’s multichannel engagement software to their CRM system. Read the case to see the results.

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