Multichannel made easy

Rainmaker is an easy-to-use multichannel communications suite that delivers high-value content to healthcare professionals. It includes tools for e-detailing, virtual meetings, microsites and compliant emails.

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What can Rainmaker do for you?

Empower your stakeholders
Make a direct connection between your brand strategy, your sales team and healthcare professionals with digital content that has real patient benefits.

Expand your reach
Establish a relationship that works for HCPs with self-guided content, on-demand material and face-to-face support whenever they need it.

Provide tailored engagements
Give HCPs the information they want, when they want it, and in the way they want it – wherever they may be.

Create multichannel customer experiences
Rainmaker’s multichannel tools work in perfect harmony, allowing you to craft a seamless experience for HCPs, regardless of the content path they follow.

Add value to your products with digital services
Unite your organization behind supporting HCPs like never before by transforming your team from sales-focused to complete service providers for HCPs.

Help HCPs engage with patients
Use Agnitio's groundbreaking Sharedoc application and enable HCPs to select and share personalized information with patients at the touch of a button.

Rainmaker channels

Click on your channel of preference and learn more:

The new standard for e-detailing

Learn how e-detailing can help your customer-facing staff deliver real value to HCPs.

The new standard for e-detailing

Learn how e-detailing can help your customer-facing staff deliver real value to HCPs.

Designed for today’s communication needs

Creative freedom
Rainmaker provides creative freedom for content agencies. Fully-functional HTML5, PDF and PPT content means agencies can deliver their best work and you can keep everything on-brand.

Scalable communication
Rainmaker provides the flexibility to meet multiple communication challenges. It can be scaled-up at will to include new channels, products, markets or languages.

Cross-device solution
Rainmaker content works on both Apple and Microsoft devices, and as self-contained microsites so your content can be viewed on a wide range of smartphones, tablets and computers.

Easy integration
Rainmaker integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics, Veeva CRM, and other systems. That means it can be easily connected to your existing setup, adding commercial value from day one.

Simple localization
Easy-to-use translation and content adaptation tools make it simple to localize your content to local market needs – giving more control and a clear overview of content localization around the world.

Actionable data
Data from every Rainmaker channel is summarized clearly, giving you a dashboard overview of how your brand communication is performing and the effectiveness of your customer-facing staff.

See Rainmaker for yourself

Rainmaker offers you complete control of your HCP communications, whatever your needs. You can start small and scale up gradually, or build a fully-integrated range of global multichannel communications from the beginning. With Rainmaker, the choice is yours.