Remote detailing checklist

How the very best companies are using digital technology to connect directly with HCPs

In pharma, competitive advantage is moving from the scale of the field force to the mastery of digital technology

The most effective companies are now those that use technology to provide high-value customer experiences.

As engagement moves online, remote detailing – the ability for reps to connect directly with HCPs online – becomes vital.

This checklist highlights what remote detailing technology makes possible and how innovative pharma companies are engaging HCPs right now.


1. Organization

A key decision is how to organize customer teams and what role they play in your overall HCP remote engagement.

Are you, for example, looking to create ‘hybrid reps’ capable of switching seamlessly between face-to-face interactions and remote meetings? Or are dedicated remote teams required? Or different groups for different purposes?

Deciding on the overall strategy, and how this applies to the organization, should be the first point on your checklist.

2. Live video presentations

We all now expect online meetings to offer video chat. It makes the engagement human and personal – and is great for maintaining established relationships.

Video also helps keep customers engaged by discouraging multi-tasking during a call and provides non-verbal cues too that enable reps to determine interest levels in a topic.

Video makes the online experience more like the traditional face-to-face meetings. In pharma, it’s now essential.


3. Interactive content

Interactive content provides a compelling customer experience by involving HCPs.

Static presentations and PDFs have their place, but interactivity focuses attention and engages people by enabling active participation in the meeting.

This two-way interactivity also provides data – enabling both in-session information for a rep to uncover an HCP’s needs, as well as generating post-session data that increases overall market understanding and shapes future interactions.

4. Compliance

We’ve all been on video calls where a colleague has accidentally shared their emails or other documents. In pharma this is unacceptable.

To protect reps, remote detailing systems must ensure that HCPs only ever see presentation materials – never the desktop or any files that might be open.

These systems should also offer built-in content management, enabling reps to focus solely on the conversation and not worry if they are using the most up-to-date materials.


5. In-session data

Remote detailing has an advantage over traditional face-to-face detailing in providing HCPs with a private view of the interaction.

If your remote system enables interactivity, in-session data can prompt reps to take specific actions, as needs are revealed through an HCP’s interaction with the content. Or informed by previous successful HCP engagements.

Likewise, the ability to run polls to quickly determine an HCP’s interests or knowledge levels enables reps to better target the communication.

6. Simplicity and speed

Systems need to be fast and simple for both the rep and the HCP.

Reps need to be able to quickly arrange meetings and connect HCPs – via any device – without them needing to download software or overcome firewall issues.

This is especially important in countries where meetings often start with a standard telephone or WhatsApp call. The ability to easily switch between a quick ‘catch up’ and a real detailing session is vital.


7. Shopping cart

When your content is interactive it empowers HCPs to make decisions and act – opening more possibilities.

One option is to add a ‘shopping cart’ to the remote detailer. Now, as HCPs move through the presentation, they can order detailed materials and clinical studies for ‘checkout’ and later review.

You can also enable the ordering of samples, which may be essential in some markets.

What’s right for you?

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8. Pre- and post-call experience

The best companies working with remote detailing understand that the experiences before and after a call are just as important as the meeting itself.

Preparing HCPs properly for a call highlights its importance. Likewise, posing questions that will later be answered during the detailing session, focuses attention through curiosity.

Post-call, the customer journey can be constructed to answer issues that arose in the meeting – and open new topics that build towards the next remote session.

9. Personalization

Remote detailing builds relationships when it’s clear to HCPs that they have been listened to and that content is tailored to their needs.

CRM profile data integrated with the remote system – or even simple profiling questions posed at the start of a session – enables reps to tailor presentations.

What’s important is to continually build the dialogue – by understanding where HCPs are in their customer journey and always enabling them to move forwards.


10. Training

Customer team training in remote engagement should be included in every strategy and plan.

While fluency with the technology is essential, reps also need remote strategies and techniques that deliver value to HCPs every time.

A ‘microlearning’ model of easily digestible mini-sessions does this in a way that’s appropriate for the sales environment. Rather than hours of study, microlearning provides regular training – integrated naturally into a rep’s day – that’s completed in a minute or two.

11. Dial-in expertise

What matters ultimately in remote engagement is the quality of experience. And for an HCP, ‘quality’ means valuable medical and scientific knowledge.

One advantage of remote technology is the ability to easily connect internal medical and product experts into a call.

MSLs, always popular with HCPs, can now be brought into remote sessions for detailed scientific discussions when required – as can other in-house medical and product experts to answer specific questions or simply to enliven the online experience.


12. Content management

Content management has a huge impact on the uptake of remote systems by reps and on the customer experience.

A great setup makes it easy to retire and promote content to customer teams. It ensures that only the latest approved materials are accessible. And it enables reps to find materials in seconds.

Customer experience can often hinge on how fluently reps can switch between PDFs, mode of action animations, and detailing presentations. This process can be helped significantly by AI-driven content recommendations.

13. Connected channels

Remote detailing is increasingly understood as less as a ‘stop gap’ before face-to-face engagements resume post-COVID, but instead an essential channel in a company’s overall customer experience strategy.

The immediate pre- and post-call experiences are vital, but so too is remote detailing’s role in the overall channel mix.

The one-to-one communication of remote detailing should provide real value for HCPs, building on and reinforcing their experience in other channels both before and after each session.


14. Data collection

While standard ‘video chat’ software can work (if reps are careful to avoid compliance issues) there remains a problem with loss of data.

Direct contact with HCPs should provide the highest quality customer information but, without automated processes, companies are reliant on customer teams to do detailed call reporting.

Attention needs to be paid to determining key measurements and then connecting and automating systems to ensure a flow of data – both into the business intelligence systems and back to customers teams to inform and direct their engagements.

The ability to engage online made remote engagement essential for maintaining HCP relationships during COVID.

But the ability to connect is no longer enough. It’s the quality of the experience that now matters and is increasingly determining the willingness of HCPs to take a call.

With rising HCP expectations for remote detailing, companies that provide the best experiences are operating with considerable commercial advantage at a key point of contact.


What’s right for you?

Talk to us about your business challenges and goals. Agnitio provides innovative remote detailing and multichannel HCP engagement software. And, as part of the Bigtincan family - a global leader in sales enablement - we also offer solutions for content management, sales enablement, sales training, and more.

Together we can find exactly the right solution for you.


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