Webinar recording:
Digital Sales Enablement: What makes it work and what doesn't

About this webinar

You understand the value of digitizing your HCP engagement, but the solutions always sound so complex – far beyond anything that you need. And the process of implementing them across your organisation feels overwhelming. Fail fast, they say, but at what risk if the investment is so big?

When you’ve attended this webinar, you will hopefully have a clear understanding of what value there is to be gained from digital sales enablement. We won’t try to confuse you with fancy jargon, but we will elaborate on how the solution fits organizations and teams, and how we have seen it benefitting customers of different size and digital maturity. And then we’ll let you explore the solution – for free – in your own time after the webinar.

You will learn:

  • Digital sales enablement success stories in different organizations and teams
  • How to design your project for success
  • How to utilize data to get your desired results
  • How Rainmaker works in practice – you get 30 days free access after the webinar
  • 5 essential steps to get you running with digital sales enablement



Date: 22nd of April 2020 - then on-demand
Time: 9 AM New York , 2 PM London , 3 PM Paris
Duration: 30 minutes