Webinar recording: How Rainmaker Remote for free creates value

About this webinar

In the midst of the current corona pandemic, we are experiencing extraordinary interest in our remote detailing solution built specifically for the Life Sciences. Companies have enforced travel restrictions, many are working from home or in quarantine, and are thus forced to find new ways of engaging HCPs. For this reason, we have made our virtual engagement solution available to Pharmaceutical and Medtech companies for free.

In this webinar, we will guide you through how it works and why it is particularly valuable to the Life Sciences. We will let you in on how our clients are using it – especially during these times, how you can get started, and, of course, you get access to your own Rainmaker Remote account for free during this period.


Webinar take-aways:

  • Learn how Rainmaker Remote helps engage HCPs
    – during COVID-19 and going forward
  • Hear about what our clients are doing with Rainmaker in this period
  • See how Rainnmaker Remote for life sciences work
    – and get your free account


Date: April 2nd, 2020 - then on-demand
Time: 3 PM Paris, 2 PM London, 9 AM New York
Duration: 20 minutes

Get Rainmaker Remote for free

Most companies have currently enforced travel restrictions due to corona virus, making it even more difficult to access HCPs. For this reason, we have made Rainmaker Remote available for free to pharmaceutical and medtech companies, so you can engage HCPs from the office or your home.