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Multichannel communication
that’s valuable to every stakeholder.


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Engage your stakeholders

Extend your communication

With Rainmaker, every engagement is about making a genuine connection with the people who really matter. Now you can extend your communications and engage all healthcare stakeholders – providing real value in a relevant, timely, compliant, and useful way.

Extend your communication Extend your communication
Multichannel marketing

Endless possibilities

Rainmaker’s rich multichannel communications open up new possibilities. With Rainmaker you can empower your stakeholders – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and patients to communicate too. Unleash an arsenal of channels to support your communications. You still remain in control and control ‘who is seeing what’. Get in touch if you have concrete needs or want to hear how you can extend your communications.

Personal web meetings
Empower pharma representatives, doctors, nurses and other stakeholders to run online web meetings at any time, accessing multiple stakeholders simultaniously.


Personalized websites
Let sales reps and marketing share relevant information and services with healthcare professionals on dedicated websites. Let doctors pass on information to their patients. 


Provide your organization the tools to arrange for remote presentations for larger audiences. Data from the session is collected on an individual level.


Personalized brochures
Facilitate pharmaceutical representatives to make content available for healthcare professionals, patients and relatives as a PDF from a personalized website or app.
Closed loop marketing
Enable your representatives to carry out edetailing very smoothly - from a user interface that’s really a joy to use. Keep assured that all contacts and content are always in sync.

Partner app HCPs
Give doctors, nurses and other medical professionals their own personalized app so they can access and share materials they feel are relevant. You keep the ability to control and build, update and retire content when needed.


Targeted email and SMS campaigns
Enable your reps or marketing to immediately notify a group of doctors or patients about new relevant studies or product updates within their areas of interest.

Patient app
Give patients their own personalized app with information that’s always updated and relevant for them. You keep the ability to control and build, update and retire content when needed. 

Endless possibilities Endless possibilities
From data to insights

See your world clearly

Wipe away uncertainty from your communication and see your audience with absolute clarity. Every Rainmaker channel provides a stream of data that is aligned into a single coherent picture. Finally what you need to know is always at your fingertips.

See your world clearly See your world clearly
Control your content across channels

Have it all

Rainmaker is a complete solution for life science communication. With the ability to create, manage, distribute, retire or update content in multiple channels, you get everything you need right away. So start a whole new kind of conversation today.

Have it all Have it all
Start your journey

Ready to engage

Rainmaker empowers your stakeholders and extends your communications. It is scalable to any deployment size. Free your agencies to do their best work and explore new forms of customer engagement – taking you beyond closed loop marketing.

Ready to engage Ready to engage
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