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Rainmaker lets you take a completely fresh approach to communication. Rather than giving exactly the same message to everyone, each healthcare professional now gets their own personalized experience. Rainmaker takes you beyond closed loop marketing. It’s the next step in digital communications.

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6 ways to go beyond CLM

Next generation

Global content store
Discover how you can work globally and impact individually with a revolutionary system.
True multichannel
Rainmaker takes you beyond CLM with relevant communication that works on an individual level.
Individual impact
Rainmaker takes you beyond CLM with relevant communication that works on an individual level.
User-friendly design
Enjoy a beautiful graphic interface that makes Rainmaker’s advanced features so easy to use.
Activate your CRM
Connect Rainmaker, go beyond CLM, and turn on the true potential of your CRM system.
Fast localization
Bring order to complexity. Rainmaker comes with a complete system for content adaptation.
Freedom to perform

Empower your sales force

Rainmaker helps your sales team get the maximum benefit from each and every customer interaction. Whether advanced e-detailing, remote presentations or other channels, Rainmaker empowers your sales representatives.
Designed to go beyond CLM

Innovation in every detail

Agnitio dreamed of fully responsive communication for the life science industry. And then went ahead and built it. Designed from the ground up, Rainmaker is the promise of CLM fulfilled.

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Check out the ‘Get Started’ resource page and learn the practical steps to take.

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Rainmaker removes the frustrations of CLM. And takes you further. It is scalable to any deployment size. Frees your agencies to do their best work. And enables you to explore new forms of customer engagement – taking you beyond closed loop marketing.

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