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Digital marketing resources

At Agnitio, we continually share our expertise to help pharma and medical device companies make the most of their digital communication opportunities.


Digital marketing resources

At Agnitio, we continually share our expertise to help pharma and medical device companies make the most of their digital communication opportunities.

Mini-reports & infographics

See our popular micro-reports and infographics that explore how to apply the full potential of communication technology in the pharma and medtech industries.

Remote checklist
How the most effective pharma companies are using remote technology to better engage healthcare professionals online.

Get started with e-detailing
A clear, straight-talking introductory guide that explains the optimal ways to engage healthcare professionals through this essential channel.

How remote communication solves your challenge
How to use remote communication with HCPs in pharma and medtech, including key account marketing and in-bound sales teams.

Multichannel Calculator

See how a multichannel approach can provide commercial value to your company!

Case studies

See practical examples of how Agnitio's solutions can be applied in your business.

Case study:
How e-detailing can inform and drive commercial operations
This customer solution is driving data on customer behaviour and interests in order to personalize engagements and focus commercial efforts on high-priority HCPs.

Case study:
How to expand reach with Rainmaker Remote
An international pharma company wanted to access hard-to-reach HCPs in remote geographic regions of Mexico, which was not possible with their existing sales force.

Case study:
Get more value from Salesforce CRM by adding multichannel engagement
With Rainmaker, a client were able to increase uptake and get more value from the existing CRM system.

Webinar recordings

Hear from industry experts in Agnitio's well-regarded multichannel marketing and patient-centricity webinars.

Eyeforpharma webinar:
Make digital your success story
In this webinar we’ve partnered with eyeforpharma to uncover what customer engagement tactics are working, and how companies are now focusing their investments.

Product webinar:
How to create effective digital customer journeys
In this webinar you’ll learn how one of Germany’s most established medical device companies went from paper-based detailing to impactful digital customer experiences.

Product webinar:
Digital Sales Enablement: What makes it work and what doesn't
Watch this webinar and get a clear understanding of what value there is to be gained from digital sales enablement, and how we see it benefitting customers.

Free digital pharma marketing course

Free 5-week non-commercial marketing course, built on decades of Agnitio’s experience in global life science communications.

Digital marketing articles

Read the latest articles on digital marketing and learn how to best apply digital communication in pharma and medtech.

Virtual sales training: Building digital engagement skills
Discover the new model that forward-thinking pharma companies are now using to build reps and MSL digital engagement skills.

3 reasons why medtech needs to embrace digital
Many claim that medtech needs rapidly adopt digital technologies. But why should it? And what might drive this transformation?

Multichannel - which channels do you actually need?
With ever-growing options, pharma and medical device companies are increasingly asking: “Which channels do we actually need?

Quick guides

Get an overview of the main digital marketing terms and ideas with explanations of multichannel communications, closed loop marketing and digital patient engagement.

Multichannel marketing
Anywhere, anytime digital customer experiences.

What is e-detailing?
The right tools for reps and MSLs

Closed loop marketing
Data-enabled communication for increased relevance.


Get the latest video ‘how to’ guides and hear from your peers in expert interviews.

What's the future role of the CIO?
To find out how Sales and Marketing see the role of the CIO, we interviewed a number of senior executives at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019

What's next for pharma marketing?
At eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019, we asked leading industry experts for their views on what's next for pharma right now.

The value of virtual engagement
What is it about this technology that makes it so relevant to pharma? To find out, we spoke with industry experts at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2018

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