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Webinar library

Get the views of pharma and medtech industry experts in Agnitio's well-regarded multichannel marketing and patient-centricity webinars. And explore the latest video ‘how to’ guides and interviews.


Webinar library

Get the views of pharma and medtech industry experts in Agnitio's well-regarded multichannel marketing and patient-centricity webinars. And explore the latest video ‘how to’ guides and interviews.

Webinar recordings

See the latest pharma and medtech industry webinars to aid your digital communication strategy.

Product webinar:
Digital Sales Enablement: What makes it work and what doesn't
Watch this webinar and get a clear understanding of what value there is to be gained from digital sales enablement, and how we see it benefitting customers.

Product webinar:
How rainmaker remote for free creates value
In this webinar, we will guide you through how Rainmaker Remote works and why it is particularly valuable to the Life Sciences. We also let you in on how our clients use it.

Eyeforpharma webinar:
Make digital your success story
In this webinar we’ve partnered with eyeforpharma to uncover what customer engagement tactics are working, and how companies are now focusing their investments.

Product webinar:
How to create effective digital customer journeys
In this webinar you’ll learn how one of Germany’s most established medical device companies went from paper-based detailing to impactful digital customer experiences.

MedTech webinar:
The new standard for digital engagement
See the opportunities with digital technology in medtech’s customer engagement strategies and explore what's needed to ensure ROI on digital investments.

Product webinar:
How to build great multichannel customer journeys
Step-by-step of the creation of a complete multichannel customer journey with Rainmaker for one of the leading MedTech companies in Germany.

Eyeforpharma webinar:
Digital Payer Engagement
See how technology can enable better collection and communication of insights, and how digital tools can support the entire tender process.

Digital Sales Enablement
Experience how you can use digital technology to empower your field force to increase reach and impact of your customer engagements.

Eyeforpharma webinar:
Agile commercial approach in pharma
Explore with leading industry experts how an agile, iterative, design thinking approach enables greater learning and commercial success.

MedTech webinar:
How to make digital work
See key digital lessons learned by medtech first movers and by other healthcare sectors – and how they apply to your business.

Product webinar:
Virtual engagement with Rainmaker Remote
See how Rainmaker Remote – our virtual engagement solution – is used by our customers to expand reach to HCPs in a cost-effective way.

Eyeforpharma webinar:
Make digital work
Agnitio partnered up with Eyeforpharma as well as with industry experts to explain how to effectively use virtual technology as part of your multichannel marketing strategy.

Medtech webinar:
Maximizing the value of digital
Learn how to embed digital within your organisation in a strategic way to open opportunities and transform customer relationships.

Product webinar:
Extend the customer experience with multichannel
See how to use multichannel to increase customer engagements by extending the conversation beyond face-to-face meetings with compliant emails.

Product webinar:
Grow patient engagement with Sharedoc
A case study that shows how to strengthen HCP relationships by empowering them to provide credible, trustworthy information to share with their patients.

LatAm webinar:
Grow your digital patient engagement
Real-life use case showing how to strengthen and grow HCP engagement by empowering HCPs with relevant information to share with their patients.

Product webinar:
Increase your HCP reach with multichannel
Learn how to use multichannel to increase the quality and reach of your HCP engagements – extending the conversation beyond a face-to-face call.

Product webinar:
Actionable data with Rainmaker multichannel
Experience the state-of-the-art CX capabilities of Rainmaker and see how to create more engagement by building high-value communications.

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