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 Closed loop  marketing


A good way to understand closed loop marketing is to compare it with more traditional approaches like advertising. In the past the only way to communicate was by providing exactly the same information to everyone, in roughly the same way, and at the same time. It works by seeking to gain your attention – by being louder.
CLM takes a very different approach. Rather than trying to shout louder, it aims to understand the customer better so the communication can be more relevant. This is made possible by CLM software that allows for a continual feedback from customers; both with regard to what they want to hear on a particular topic and also on how it is received.

The  CLM  process

Closed loop marketing (CLM) begins by seeking to understand the customer. By first engaging people you discover more about them and the kinds of information they want to receive. This allows you to understand their needs and provide more relevant information.
A typical CLM implementation process would have the following steps:

1. Engage

Invite medical professionals to engage in the communications channel of their choice – whether e-detailing, websites, apps or video conferencing. Generate involvement with eye-catching animations, interactive features and advanced 3D simulations.

2. Discover

As your customers interact with your CLM communications tools, you learn more about their interests. Everything that happens – in any channel – is recorded through automatic data collection.

3. Analyze

So each time the doctor interacts with the digital detailer, you’ll learn more about his or her needs. Apply smart data analysis to see which parts of your communications resonate with customers. You can even understand your effectiveness on an individual level to enable local action.

4. Respond

Because your marketing
segmentation constantly improves,
you can continually refine your communication – matching doctors’ individual interests and knowledge level. And providing each customer with relevant and high value information & services that builds great relationships.

CLM iPad
The CLM process The CLM process

 CLM  benefits

In this way, closed loop marketing software creates a virtuous circle. The more that you use CLM software, the better your segmentation becomes. That makes your communications more relevant for customers because you better understand their needs.
The result is that CLM enables you to provide ever-increasing value to the customer. And so your customers are more receptive to your communication, which makes it more effective.
So rather than trying to shut out the ‘noise’ that healthcare professionals experience with traditional forms of communication, if you use closed loop marketing software together with the right strategy, they are more likely to open the door.
As the value of your communication rises, so does your value as a knowledge provider. That gives you the opportunity to establish a true partnership with the healthcare professional.

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CLM benefits CLM benefits

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