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New opportunities in digital communication

HCP and  patient  engagement

Developments in technology make it possible to meet growing healthcare professional and patient needs for authoritative, responsive and relevant information.

New  stakeholder  demands

Times are changing, with doctors and patients looking for new ways to interact with the industry. Life science companies that can best understand and meet these needs are positioned to maximize their product potential and positively impact treatment outcomes. Read what patients and how technology can provide it and our infographic on digital communication in healthcare and HCP needs.


Get the latest  thinking 

Go deeper into the opportunities with the latest articles from Agnitio. Explore how you can become more customer-centric, increase patient engagement and maximize the benefits of today’s powerful technologies.

The impact of the empowered patient

Roundtable discussion on the impact of the empowered patients and the effect that they are having on healthcare. Health Sales & Marketing Magazine invited digital innovators and experts from Agnitio, Novartis, Takeda, and CSL Leaders to discusss about patient centricity.  

Healthcare digital adoption

Recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) shows that the healthcare sector as a whole is well behind other industries when it comes to using digital technology.


Watch a patient-centricity  webinar 

 A real-life use case showing how you can strengthen HCP relationships and empower HCPs to provide credible, trustworthy information to share with their patients. See how Agnitio’s innovative new communication tool, can help grow digital patient engagement in reality.

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If you’re new to digital sales communication, you may want to begin with our ‘Get Started’ series that looks at classical e-detailing and closed loop marketing.


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Agnitio has enabled many companies – both big and small – to get started with multichannel communications. If you need advice, please get in contact. We would be delighted to help.

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