Digital engagement technologies for the life sciences

Empower sales teams, market access and medical affairs with the tools they need to succeed.

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Compliant and compelling remote detailing

Find out more about our new stand-alone remote solution. Enjoy the personalization of video and the speed and simplicity of the cloud.

Multichannel and sales-
enablement solutions

Discover Agnitio’s customer engagement software, designed specifically for the life sciences industry. Our technology enables personalized interactions via powerful, flexible and data-driven tools – supporting face-to-face, virtual, and self-service engagement.


Multichannel CLM software

Align marketing and sales efforts. With Rainmaker, you enable personalized engagements via a range of channels and devices, while ensuring compliant and consistent communications. You deliver a unified customer experience, while keeping track of your KPIs with a central hub for your data insights. 

Remote for virtual client engagement

Bring more value to your customer engagements, while increasing reach and access. With Rainmaker Remote, you can host one-to-one remote meetings, webinars with multiple attendees or deliver content on demand. Every interaction is tracked bacause you are broadcasting, not screensharing, your content live.

Specialized life science remote solution

E-detailing for HCP engagement

Make your face-to-face engagements more powerful with digital content. We track every interaction with your presentation, offering you actionable insights, so you can grow the next conversation and quickly adapt to market changes - made easy with built-in editing, approval and deployment tools.

Approved email campaigns

Empower your reps with a channel for personalized and fully compliant HCP emails. With approved email, your marketing team develops compliant content that sales share with contacts that have given consent. You track every interaction with and within the email.


Solving your challenges

Agnitio's technologies enable sales teams, market access, and medical affairs to respond to a changing healthcare environment and deliver more value to their customers.

Demonstrate ROI from digital sales enablement

See how our kickstarter package empowers your field force to build more impactful customer engagements in 3-6 months.

Increase the reach
and quality of your HCP engagements

Learn how virtual engagement tools enable your field force and inside sales teams to engage HCPs in a flexible way.

Provide a seamless multichannel customer experience

Experience how Rainmaker,
our multichannel CLM system, provides support at every step of the customer journey.

Optimize the training of investigators during clinical trials

Explore how digitizing your clinical trials optimizes the user experience and documentation process.

Enable Market Access to present evidence-based arguments to payers

See how to improve your institutional-buyer communications with Agnitio's Rainmaker.

Plan an e-detailing
roll-out across your organization

Benefit from Agnitio's library of how-to guides to align expectations and get buy-in for your digital project.

Real industry understanding

To solve life science industry challenges, you must fully-understand them. Agnitio’s solutions are built on years of close partnership with leading pharma organizations, medical device companies, and creative agencies.

pharma digital communications


We led the development of digital pharma communications and we continually open new opportunities for our clients.

medical devices digital communication


We enable medical device companies to transition to digital communication with solutions that meet their specialized needs.

life science agencies

Life science agencies

Our solutions are used by creative agencies around the world – who continually provide feedback that drives innovation.

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