Manager 4 End-Of-Life

Agnitio’s Manager 4 (M4) reached its end-of-life (EOL) on January 2020. There will no longer be access to content on the M4 platform.


What does this mean?

If you’re still a M4 user, please be aware of the following:

  • Users will not have access to M4 after January 2020
  • All data (MIO, user data etc.) within the system was deleted on January 2020
  • All content was deleted on January 2020

From M4 to Rainmaker Multichannel – learn more

Most of the M4 users have now onboarded our multichannel engagement platform, Rainmaker. We’re obviously very excited about this. If you’re still not familiar with Rainmaker, in short it enables life science companies to engage with HCPs, payers and other stakeholders via a number of different digital touchpoints. These include F2F e-detailing, Remote, On-demand/self-service, and Approved email. You can take a closer look and learn more on the links below.

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