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Client case study

How to cost-effectively manage training of key stakeholders during clinical trials

1. Challenge
Help investigators during clinical trials, providing audit trail and clinical trial data management in support of approvals

2. Solution
E-learning including advanced content and user analytics to improve engagement, training and support.

3. Impact
Cost-effective training and engagement for clinical trials. Better user experience, data tracking & management, audit trails and enhanced document versioning.


Enhancing support in early stage of clinical trial management

MC2 Therapeutics, a dermatology and eye care pharmaceutical company,
wanted to use digital technology to make training of investigators in their clinical
trials more engaging, cost-efficient and easier to manage. They had found that
communicating with paper-based detailing aids and other documents was
difficult to manage, hard to track and had limited impact.


The solution: e-learning and documentation

In collaboration, Agnitio and MC2 developed an interactive e-learning solution
on Agnitio’s Rainmaker platform to train investigators on the disease area and
treatment needs.

Here’s how it worked: Interactive content was developed and uploaded to
Rainmaker. The clinical research associates (CRA) then sent links to investigators for them to access and complete the e-learning program at their convenience. All test results were automatically captured and delivered to MC2 via online dashboards and a certificate of completion was provided to the investigators.

The solution enabled investigators to provide the support patients on the
program needed while ensuring that MC2 could document that the investigators
had been properly trained.

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Rainmaker workflow for clinical trials management



We collaborated with Agnitio to develop an
e-learning tool that perfectly matched our needs.
The built-in reporting module allows for excellent tracking.

Anette Østergaard
VP, Clinical Development, MC2 Therapeutics 


The impact

• More cost-effective training of investigators
• 100% digital engagement
• Better user experience
• Improved content and user data tracking
• Improved access to audit trails and document versioning


Why Agnitio?

Agnitio was selected because of the high service level and the technical abilities of the Rainmaker platform to provide the right content management technologies, tracking and data reporting options.

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Get a personalized demo of how our solution can be used

to improve your clinical trials management.