Tips from your peers

The good news with starting digital communication now is that you benefit from the experience of your peers. We asked industry experts for the big lessons that they tell their colleagues beginning closed loop marketing projects.

Morten Hjelmsoe, former CEO, Agnitio
You can leapfrog a lot of the mistakes of the past by starting afresh with a pull communication approach. This recognizes that the only person who knows what’s valuable for you is you. So to be relevant, we need to allow people to shape the information and services they receive.

Gary Duncan, Digital Marketing Consultant
Starting simple is critical. Biting off more than you can chew only leads to frustration across. Keeping it simple and knowing exactly what you want to measure allows for success early on.

Christian Czech, Head of CLM, Bayer Healthcare Marketing & Sales IT
CLM implementation is not a project, it is an ongoing process. It is a constant learning: demanding an insight-gathering and adaptation process that requires good change management from your organization.

Roberto Borghesi, Detailing/ Education team leader, Roche
Data need to be presented in the right format. Brand, sales and top management teams; they each need to have the same but presented from different angles and different level of aggregation in order to be empowered to make decisions.

Emily Sellers, Managing Consultant, Capgemini Consulting
It takes the whole organization; marketing, sales, regulatory, IT, global and local, working together to make CLM a reality.

Ritesh Patel, EVP, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
The future sales rep needs to become a relationship manager rather than an iPad-carrying messenger.

Yannick Di Mondo, Digital Director Europe, Mylan
It’s not about if we want to become more responsive to what doctors are telling us. We can’t afford not to want to.

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