Patient engagement in healthcare

Developments in technology make it possible to meet growing healthcare professional and patient needs for authoritative, responsive and relevant information.

Patient engagement

Patient engagement definition

Patient engagement may be an industry buzzword but it captures a serious effort to respond to a changing healthcare landscape. Life science companies are now actively seeking to bridge the gap between the potential offered by medical science and the outcomes actually achieved.

Sharedoc - our patient engagement solution - enables you to provide healthcare professionals with credible and trustworthy treatment information that they can share with patients in an easy and accessible way.

Patient engagement strategy resources

Times are changing, with doctors and patients looking for new ways to interact with the industry. Life science companies that can best understand and meet these needs are positioned to maximize their product potential and positively impact treatment outcomes.

6 things patients want
What do patients want? Agnitio spoke with patients, their families, patient associations and medical professionals – uncovering six needs to consider.

Changing patient needs
See the infographic highlighting digital communication challenges and also opportunities in a changing healthcare environment.

White paper:
How can technology improve treatment outcomes?
Agnitio brought together delegates from Eli-Lilly and Sanofi to brainstorm needs and parameters for using digital technology to improve patient outcomes.

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