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6. Add value to inside sales teams

What’s happening

Because remote technologies benefit both life science companies with its cost efficiencies and healthcare professionals with its convenience, more and more companies are applying it to solve their business challenges and engage customers in new ways.

One such use is by ‘inside sales’ teams, either in-house personnel or call center vendors. Here, remote technology can supplement the previously audio-only experience they provided.

Inside sales teams can connect HCPs to a visual e-detailing experience either via a link in an email or a shortened, personalized web link that can be read out over the phone. This approach not only gives HCPs a better experience but also enables interactivity that produces rich data on individual contacts.

What’s next

Expect a ‘remote first’ attitude with the technology being the central communications element in an increasing number of cases.

The bottom line

Remote engagement has already established itself as the answer for a number of business needs and remains ripe for creativity.

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