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1. Improve your face-to-face engagements

What’s happening

Pharma and medtech companies haven’t jumped ship from traditional rep engagements to wholly digital communications. More and more, it’s clear that new technologies can enhance existing practices and get more from what’s already in play.

Remote is a great example. With face-to-face contact still highly prized, companies are looking to improve these meetings and deliver increased value to healthcare professionals. This is being done by scheduling remote sessions before and after each meeting.

The first remote call sets the agenda. Reps establish the topic of interest to the customer and prepare for the meeting. The follow-up enables the rep to respond to questions and confirm agreements – with all engagements capturing data through customer interactions with content.

What’s next

Some remote sessions will be short, covering ‘housekeeping’ issues, and others will be deep dives into specific topics using on-screen presentation tools. The ability to ping-pong between online and physical meetings will become increasingly expected.

The bottom line

New technologies don’t have to be introduced in opposition to established practices and remote is another case where that’s proving true.

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