Case study: Get more value from Salesforce CRM by adding multichannel engagement

Client case study

Get more value from Salesforce CRM by adding multichannel engagement

1. Challenge

Increase uptake and get more value from the existing CRM system.

2. Solution

Integrate data from multichannel customer engagement activities with Salesforce CRM.

3. Impact

Increased CRM use and field force satisfaction. More valuable customer engagements. Actionable insights and connected data via open API and two-way data flow.

Activating CRM investment

A multinational healthcare company operating worldwide was struggling to secure uptake and get value from their investment in a Salesforce CRM system.

Addressing poor buy-in from key stakeholders

To streamline activities, gather data, and enable better segmentation, the company made a strategic decision to invest in Salesforce. However, 1-2 years into the implementation they were struggling to get the field force to use the system in a consistent way. This impacted the insights that they were generating. One of the problems was that reps saw it as a burden to insert data into the CRM – as they did not experience added value to their customer engagements.



More value to reps and customers

To provide more value to the field force, the company decided to connect Agnitio’s multichannel engagement software to their CRM system.

Now, when reps were planning for a call in the CRM system, they immediately had useful customer insights available – and they could prepare for the call with the relevant pre-approved content. It also empowered the reps to mix remote, digital and face-to-face engagement to meet the customers’ individual needs.

In addition, the reps no longer needed to manually enter data, as this was automatically captured by Agnitio’s multichannel system. The brand team was also assured that reps only used pre-approved, compliant content.


Rainmaker Multichannel Software

Rainmaker is an easy-to-use multichannel communications software that delivers high-value content to healthcare professionals. It includes tools for e-detailing, virtual meetings, microsites and compliant emails.


Adding multichannel engagement functionality to the existing CRM dramatically increased rep use of the system because it made their work easier and provided them with actionable data.

Salvatore Saggiomo
Data Analytics Consultant

Why Rainmaker Multichannel

  • The two-way data streams between Rainmaker and Salesforce CRM mean data from each customer engagement is captured and securely stored.
  • Digitalizing engagements enables tracking of content performance and sales activities feeding the go-to-market strategy.
  • The simple and customized UI makes it easy for the field force to use the system and avoid unnecessary support tickets.
  • As Rainmaker is hosted on Amazon servers with dual-system support, full system stability and uptime are secured.


Why Agnitio?

Agnitio and the Rainmaker platform were selected because of the analytics and reporting capabilities, providing actionable insights on preferences and content interactions. The ability to add channels to the experience was another benefit and is currently being considered as the next step.

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