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Client case study

How to provide compelling health-economic arguments to payers

1. Challenge
Delivering compelling health-economic arguments to payers and harmonising commercial activities.

2. Solution
An e-detailer with embedded calculators to bring numbers to life and personalise every conversation.

3. Impact
Better customer experience and communication of evidence-based value. Stronger market access and sales collaboration.

Strengthening payer communications in pharma 

A top-10 pharmaceutical company, developing innovative oncology treatments, experienced challenges in delivering compelling health-economic arguments to payers – an increasingly important and fragmented stakeholder group. The company needed to deliver more compelling treatment stories, rather than meeting payers with Excel sheets. Also, the company wanted better alignment and harmonisation across commercial activities to secure consistent messaging.
e-detailer payer calculator

E-detailers with embedded calculators

To achieve this, an e-detailer presentation was created together with the digital creative agency Anthill. Built on Agnitio’s Rainmaker platform, this used embedded calculators to bring the Excel numbers to life.

The main objective was to tell the treatment story. So, the presentation was built on clear value propositions that enabled payers to easily understand the innovation’s context and increased engagement. With embedded calculators, every conversation could speak to the specific situation of each payer – making the story both relevant and compelling. As always, what matters most are patient outcomes. This approach ensured that outcomes were central to the communication – continually demonstrating the value that the company was bringing.

All interactions were tracked, and data collected and fed back to the CRM system. In this way, market access could learn from every interaction, and sales were equipped with knowledge from the company’s previous communications with payers.

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This approach enabled the company to position themselves as healthcare partners that first of all  focused on ensuring optimal care for cancer patients. That proved to be very powerful!

Sebastian Koelsch
Chief Solution Officer, Anthill Agency


Impact: improved digital payer engagement

  • Improved customer experience
  • Better communication of evidence-based value
  • Stronger cooperation with payers
  • Better alignment and information sharing between market access and sales access


Why Agnitio?

Agnitio’s Rainmaker platform was selected because of its content flexibility and content management capabilities, whilst ensuring complete data tracking and reporting.

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