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3. Drive your key account strategy

What’s happening

More channels mean more options.  Digital technology has enabled Sales and Marketing to shape their communications to match the needs of different customer groups and their own strategies. Remote engagement, in particular, increases flexibility because it combines the benefits of face-to-face meetings with the ability to scale that digital provides.

In practice, this means that remote can be used for both high and low priority targets in a key account strategy. It can be used to supplement vital face-to-face contact in key accounts, increasing the number of engagements. For lower priority contacts, it can replace many physical meetings while ensuring that contact is maintained.

What’s next

Companies are exploring the right channel mix based on customer potential. On-demand channels with self-guided material can be activated via pre-approved email and then reinforced with remote meetings for low potential customers. For high priority targets, detailing meetings can be supplemented with remote sessions and mini-webinars.

The bottom line

The flexibility of remote engagement makes it central to many companies’ key account strategies.

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